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Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

22 Responses to “Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika”

  1. Joe American says:

    Your web site is funny. A great deal of anti-American propaganda from the people who started the last two World Wars and killed millions on purpose. America has given more to the world than it has taken, and had the Atomic bomb by itself for five years. Any other nation would have tried to conquer the planet with it, so thank God for America and for the people who give you the liberties that you enjoy.

    Ihre Web site ist lustig. Viel Anti-Amerikanische Propaganda von den Leuten, die die letzten zwei Weltkriege begannen und Millionen auf Zweck töteten. Amerika hat mehr zur Welt gegeben, als es selbst die Atombombe für fünf Jahre genommen und hatte hat. Jede mögliche andere Nation würde versucht haben, den Planeten mit ihr zu erobern, also danken Sie Gott für Amerika und für die Leute, die Ihnen die Freiheiten geben, die Sie genießen.

  2. Morad says:

    you forgot something…
    the only reason for the USA was to get more money and
    to get disposal of many countries as they can

  3. Alex says:

    I live in Brasil and here we don´t have war, but we have poor and misery in some parts of country. The economy could change a few years, but the hate against other humans is more dificult. I haven´t religion, but a believe the amity between peoples can show a big power and can change a many fings in the world. Don´t supplies the hate.

  4. Alex says:

    Sorry about “fings”… That things could happen when you talking and typing another language

  5. chris says:

    these pics are cool but some are rubbish

  6. ds says:

    please put some more fotos i’m from portugal and i love your website it’s great pleaseput more comedy in this website

  7. Albert Theo Bhutana Sidumo. Williams says:

    I think if we all as a global world could stand together and say that
    “yes we hate terrorism”
    We all know what happened on Sept 11 it became the cherry on the cake. We always think that an ear for an ear is the way to handle things but I think that it just repeats the sicle of war and that it gets passed on to the next generation and they take out the anger of what their people had to go through on a generation that knows nothing about what happend in that perticular time that means that they suffer the sins of what their parents created.

    All I am asking from every human been out there please let us look at things from an peace point of view and lets decide with our human souls that we are loosing in the process because of the media and governments that controll them and for the people that dictate another person because of power and money there is still hope for them if they look to the international world for help they might change but it does not mean that they are going to be brain washed or loose their culture but it is up to them if they want to keep their cultures or believes despite the knowledge they are getting from the western world

    “look at how good bollywood is doing”

    So lets understand one thing here . If you do something bad to someone always ask yourself what are they gonna do if the found out its me and what excuse am I gonna use this time since they know that I have a record of doing bad things.

    So you out there in the Globa arena decide for yourself what makes you the better human been

    I dont have to because I regard myself as an Human been and war is never an alternative nomatter what because emotional governments make stupid choices without realising


    This is a 24 year old man from the Xhosa clan Living in Cape town South Africa

  8. Adrian says:

    Hey, I am an American, and i think most of these pics are hilarious. Do you hate me too? Seriously though, I agree that my country is heading in the wrong direction, and has been for quite some time now. More Americans need to wake up and realize what is being done in the name of “We the people” On a lighter note, America is not all bad. People would not buy Starbucks if it was bad coffee. Haha! Anyway, keep up the good work.

  9. Dalida says:

    ur web site is ugle site and u dont have any rescpect to all arab people i am from lebanon and am christand i love sadam hussain hes a hero hes not a murder
    u should think very well about what ur doning in this site … we all love freedom and we do love all moqawamas doning
    viva sadam
    viva sadam
    viva sadam
    and fu;;uck all of u

  10. Dalida says:

    hi all am from lebanon but i do love sadam

  11. bitoque says:


  12. please delete images sadam i lovye to sadam

  13. englishpeople says:

    pakis smell, sadam is now dead

  14. Saddam's Wife says:

    Saddam fucks goats, except now they will be “virgin” goats

  15. Mohibkakar says:

    hi every body,
    we muslim love to humanity, but there is an other force Amrica and bush they say that we kill the people to save the world but mr bush we have no need of ur world, we want to leave the people freele in GOD world not bussh world bye

  16. Marco Rosslee says:

    America`s economy can only survive if there is war. So they “save us from terrorism” , a good excuse to go to war. So my question to the saintly america is why oh why do you only go to war with countries that can give you something in return,oil in iraq for example? a foothold in the middle east with the invasion of afghanistan? Why do you turn a blind eye on the people in Africa,Zimbabwe for example? They are being killed by Mugabe,a real tyrant,and their people flee into south africa where they are forced to be criminals to survive.

    The execution of saddam hussein made me sick to the stomache. It was the ultimate victor`s justice. Sadam killed many people but so did Bush and Blair,ironically these two killed more iraqi`s than what saddam ever did. So the only way that Saddams execution could have been fair was if on that day there were 3 nooses,one for saddam,one for blair and one for george w bush. America is a great country,but they need to realise that they are not the keeper of the world. I have long ago put forth a vote of no confidence in the bush administration. I pray that the next US president will have sufficient responsibility to not start a war and to realise that peace is what we have to strive for in the world.

  17. Martin says:

    hey this website is ace . i think people need to open their minds a bit more realise whats going on in the world and realise that it shouldnt be this way. i realise now that you cant get rid of everything. you need natural disatsers disease and to some extent war. if you lack these factors. the population of the world will just keep on increasing and even now we are facing huge food shortages in countries without these factors however horible they may be the situation would get out of control and you would face a global crisis which would inevitably lead to wold war thre. not good huh but amreica have taken this “war on terror” too far the administration are only in it for the oil

    the website is great btw

  18. Manu says:

    Wie gut, dass die Hälfte der Beiträge von Leuten stammen die entweder zu blöd sind, diese Seite vollständig durchzusehen und zu bemerken, dass hier fast ALLE verarscht werden (und nicht nur bestimmte ethnische oder religiöse Gruppen) oder es nicht zu Stande bringen einen enzigen grammatikalisch korrekten Satz zu verfassen (sei es Englisch oder Deutsch).
    Zu der Seite:
    – sehr treffende Karrikaturen (dennoch teilweise zu niveaulos um darüber lacgen zu können –> z.B. die Allah-Mohammed-Moslem-Orgie)
    – insgesamt absolut unterhaltend, weiter so
    – seid euch dennoch darüber im Klaren, dass es nun mal solche Idioten (siehe die amerikanischen und muslimischen Kritiker dieser Seite, die sich im Ton vergriffen haben) gibt, die das falsch verstehen und sich dadurch angegriffen fühlen

    An den Muslime, die sich in ihrer Ehre verletzt fühlen:
    – Zeigt, dass solche Bildchen euren Glauben nicht erschüttern können. Steht über der Sache und regt euch nich so auf! Mit euren Drohungen bestätigt ihr genau das Bild des Islams, das ihr so sehr versucht loszuwerden. Also reißt euch mal zusammen!

    To the Americans who aren’t able to understand the anti-american propaganda:
    – Just one advice: Start reading books (no cartoons!) about world history!
    Be sure they are written by an European. Read about all the conflicts you are invlved in. And THEN you could comment this site again.

  19. Mad Max says:

    Es ist doch wirklich Schade, dass dieses Forum nur zu Beleidigungen anstatt zur ernsthaften Diskussion genutzt wird. Auffallend hoch ist der Anteil der Beleidigungen der Leute, deren Name sich türkisch oder arabisch o.ä. lesen lässt. Wirklich Schade, dass ihr dem hier vertretenen Nazivolk nicht verbal mal einen verpassen könnt. Zu fasst jedem Thema lässt sich sowie eine faschistische Meinung als auch eine muslimisch-extremistische Meinung finden, diskutiert doch einfach mal ne Runde, ihr schadet eurem Ansehen so nur selber. Wie auch immer, viva la revolution…

  20. Zu manu stimmt jeder joghurt hat mehr kultur als amerika

  21. Sandra says:

    wow … lustig, sarkastisch, lächerlich und manchmal auch etwas heftig. das ist wirklich eine site gegen moral + ethik. absolut keine themaverfehlung :-)

    to all americans, arabs and people that might misunderstand this site cause of not-understanding it’s sense. there are people that make jokes about others and there are people that make also jokes about themselves – that’s what this site is. it is self-critical and critizises nearly everything (christianity, islam, arabian culture, american history, … …).

    For those who don’t know about european history: please don’t comment anything you don’t have enogh and correct knowledge about. Please read books and not comics and don’t believe what the movies and people tell you. Talk to an european and they will tell you the truth. and as a matter of fact: NOT ONLY THE GERMANS SHOULD BE ASHAME … !!!!