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Selbstmord Barbie

Published on 04.09.2006 by Zelot
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9 Responses to “Selbstmord Barbie”

  1. euronymous says:

    someone must die for the good of all. this world is being fcked up cause of growing population. albeit i’m a humanist inside i know thats right. but how can we decide who will die? of course we cant. it shows that this speech pathetically not more than a piece of shit. i just want to copy this photo. bye bye

  2. rachel says:

    your a weirdoooooo who ever wrote this and posted this pic your WEIRD

  3. milin says:

    no one has the right to kill harmless people, we must respect other’s life because people can live only one time.so they have the right’s to live their life until the end of it . until god take it from them.

  4. Wraith says:

    I like weird people!!!

  5. Rebecca Mungia says:

    ok well i guess just belive wat you want i guess thats pretty much all you can do for your life i mean its a tight picture and all but why do you want to kill people your pretty fucked up u should be llucky K.I.A aint on your ass BITCH anywa fuck you but have a nice day

  6. guninmouth says:

    kill yourself

  7. RaquelRage says:

    cool pic. but to take the life of another is wrong. enough said.

  8. Chris says:

    you are a big time loser, have a wonderfull life

  9. Chris says:

    you are a big time pitifull loser, have a wonderfull life