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Krieg der Kulturen – Transhumanisitsches Forum von Islamisten defaced

Published on 11.03.2006 by Zelot
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Hacked by Islam

Dear Future Hi Readers,

Our forums have been hacked by Islamic hackers. If you go there now, you can see their handywork. The question is, why us? Of all the people in the west, we at Future Hi are a very open and accepting bunch. I can’t think of anything we have said or done that would bring the wrath of islam over most other western sites. We preach love, tolerance, openess and acceptance. We strive for a better future for EVERYONE.

Does anyone know how to fix the forums? Hopefully we did not loose all the high quality posts and heartfelt commentary over their last year of existence.

Overall, a sad thing (for them more than us)… not sure what else to say.

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One Response to “Krieg der Kulturen – Transhumanisitsches Forum von Islamisten defaced”

  1. tabinda says:

    well…everyone at this forum is trying to portray muslims as terrorists…and that they offend the beliefs of others…if you just have a look at what Ms. Wafa Sultan said and how she insulted the muslims, isnt it offending others’ beliefs???? today whoever talks againts islam and muslims is the strongest and secular person..why Islam is the topic of criticism everywhere? and how can a secular person comment on revising the islamic curricula and books? Islam is an invincible religion, the strongest one in the world…. if you cant follow the right path..you have no right to critisize those who r on the right path.