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Islam: Mohammed trifft Photoshop

Published on 18.02.2006 by Zelot
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8 Responses to “Islam: Mohammed trifft Photoshop”

  1. Uwe Keim says:

    MAD… das waren noch Zeiten, damals in den 80ern…

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  3. zaid says:

    i would like to express my total anger against what has been published by your newspaper about our prophet mohammed (peace and blessings on his decent soul).if you want to show denamark’s freedom of speech,deal with your own matters in whatever way you would like,but dont involve our religone which has been sent to our prophet.after reading your appology regarding this morcory,i thought that the first action to be taken is deleting or terminating these pictures from your archive.unfourtionatly they are still there.at the end god bless our beloved mohammed.

  4. zaho says:

    i totally shocked when i heared the news on tv cause i wasnt waitin’ such an unrespectful behaviour from a country that is proud of its respect to all kinds of choosings and ideas-even gayness………i want you to remove all of the emberassing pictures from your site………

  5. Nde says:

    fucking german ppl who lets this see bunch og fucking childish ppl
    why you always get in to feer with religion you ppl dont got no respect foor other bitches but no problem GOD is big if you dont believe it enjoy your stay in HELL

  6. Mahmoud Anwar says:

    I hope you read this message and think of it

    ” First , I’d like to say that Prophet Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah and all that brought by him is the obvious right as Allah told us , and what happened is just a grudge and hatred for what Allah gave to him . Prophet Mohamed in the hearts of all Muslims and we love him greater than our parents, children, and mothers…..”

    1. I only need a reply – not for me but for you – to the following questions, is the freedom of opinion means verbal aggression, attack on the beliefs of Muslims and prophets and Islamic faith?
    2. Can you do such verbal aggression, or just hint for it, in Zionism or in hateful Secular despite of their odious works and the genocide of Muslims and Coptic that happened in Palestine?
    3. Does your hatred to Prophet Mohammad require all these attacks that were of such magnitude?

    Finally, I hope you, before talking about Prophet Mohamed, the Messenger of Allah, just to know his biography, life, and the revelation that he was sent for at the following link in Arabic, English and French :


  7. Alfred E. Newman says:

    Muslims are braindead and loving it!

    They have no sense of humor and can’t think analytically.

    Islam is like putting crazy glue in a lock.

    Supremacists never regret killing their foes…because they have the truth.

    Humility never enters the Muslim mind…

    …what if Islam is false?

    It’s too late to bring back the 270 million victims of Islam.

    Stop your killing now.

  8. mikael says:

    Islam is peace And the people that says muslims are killers will burn in hell one day i promise you that.