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MTek Weapon Systems

Published on 07.02.2006 by Zelot
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MTek Weapon Systems

8 Responses to “MTek Weapon Systems”

  1. Kaleb says:

    I think that the men who made this are total and complete geniouses. I have seen theses mask be tested and I reccomend this product to whoever is even thinking about purchasing this product. Check out their website http://www.mtekweaponsystems.com for more information.

  2. Mudd says:

    I also have seen this equipment in testing and I agree with Kaleb. This product should be producted and used by most branches of military. These products are truly state of the art equipment.

  3. Rathex says:

    How do I order one of these, the web site says secure when I go into it. I am currently in Afganistan and I would like to get one for my Gunner.

  4. Nate D. says:

    Yeah, I saw a few guys wearing these in theater. Pretty sweet if you ask me. I’d like to have one. I heard they are gonna start issuing them pretty soon

  5. Logan says:

    You are looking at around $1000-$1750 was the last quote I recieved from them for the G2 mask which is lighter.

  6. Jesica says:

    I know you looked at this a long time ago, but if you want any information about MTek or the mask, send ben@mtekdesign.org an e-mail. He loves to talk to military guys or anyone that’s interested. The whole reason he made this was to help out.

  7. Gerrit says:

    I agree, the concept of this idea is very good. The design seems like it can obscure your field of vision a bit though. But I think that if the enemy sees a squad of soldiers wearing these run towards them it will completely demorilise them. Excelent idea, hats off for the MTek team.

  8. Justin says:

    I’ve spoken to Ben at Mtek. These guys are serious about what they do. From what I understand, most of them (including Ben) were or are in the Marine Corps. They’ve taken their knowledge and applied it to an area that was lacking and certainly needed protection: The face.

    I’m personally going to get one…