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Wir sind Goth!

Published on 29.09.2005 by Zelot

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14 Responses to “Wir sind Goth!”

  1. rain says:


  2. lewis mongon says:

    a fukin hate you all goths fuck you all

  3. arkant says:

    :) goth rulez

  4. 961 says:

    NICe pic u got there keep it up


  5. Disturbedangel says:


  6. Elvendur says:

    My ex is goth, well.. Kinda, but anyways. I find the “Kill More People” bit a little pathetic.. Seems like your seeking attention, not being goth. Goth= emo bishes (no offense ment in that), and your acting like a extra emo bish, crying out.. Its sad man.. I wish you a high place in Hells domain, Satan’s blessing to you ^_^;; lol, peace/hate whatever. =p

  7. ChrisT says:

    How is the “kill more people” words an emo thing (being pathetic)??? Maybe its just supposed to be funny, and maybe its a mockery… But I dont know because I just stumbled upon this site…

  8. Kim says:

    you guys are freaks!

  9. Dameon says:

    Hey! goths are fucking awesome, i myself am not one but that still doesn’t change the fact most of them are really fucking awesome. hey i tell ya, you can’t get a better drinking buddy than a goth if ur gonna be getting into a fight while ur out lol, they just won’t go down, it’s like trying to fight a god dahm swarm of bees they just keep coming back lo.

  10. merlina says:

    perfect, mvery good

  11. d master says:

    Goths r awesome peple, fuck all of u guyz out there that think were crazy!!!! were just normal people but just got diff style

  12. Shereena says:

    u no what ur all fucking posers here none of u r depressed ur all taking this well but no this is not a joke its REAL

  13. demon hunter says:

    all of you are all sinners!!

  14. felician says:

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